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24/7 World Class Business Coaching and Support to Increase Income and Maximize Profit So You Can Go Further, Faster.

Dear Small Business Owner,

Just because you’re building this business alone doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. Running a small business is an important, worthwhile and often difficult endeavor. The weight of responsibility, the burden of wearing all the hats, the family who sometimes just don’t get it…


That’s why here at Book Yourself Solid®, for the last 15 years, we’ve been supporting small business owners like you get more clients than you can handle, and positively THRIVE in the day-to-day running of their businesses.

The very first edition of Book Yourself Solid, written by our founder, Michael Port, hit the book shelves and the best-seller lists in 2006 … and since then, MILLIONS of small business owners have used it as their go-to guide for getting more clients and injecting love and joy back into their businesses and lives.

They haven’t done it overnight, of course. Success is never built in an instant. It’s earned over time. Serious people know this.

And serious people also know that nobody does it on their own.

That’s why we’re here for you, and why The Book Yourself Solid® Advisory Board for Small Business Owners is worth your time and attention.

Give us your time and we’ll be by your side, day in and day out for the next year and beyond.

Book Yourself Solid® focuses on client attraction, customer delight and putting the right SYSTEMS in place for you and your business.

The end result is a business that you love (most of the time!) and the strength, knowledge and resources to handle the curveballs that life throws at you.

(Because it’s a journey: you never arrive, and life doesn’t get IN the way … life IS the way!)

The Book Yourself Solid® Advisory Board is for ACTION-TAKERS. This is no run-of-the-mill “teaching” course or information product or online learning platform. It’s a hands-on, year-long intensive commitment to growing your client-base with expert guides and accountability partners and a support network that will lift you higher than you ever thought you could go.

As a small business owner you have one primary need – above all others – and that’s to hit the right, sustainable balance between working with enough people to earn the income you deserve and fulfilling those lifestyle dreams of yours.

After all, you went into business for yourself for the freedom to be your own boss and to make a ton of cash while doing the work that you love, right?

But that freedom is a little elusive at the moment. You’ve either got the free time but don’t have the resources to enjoy it (because you’re not making enough money) or else you’ve got no free time BECAUSE you’re hustling away trying to attract the next customer, but not with the level of success that you know you could have.

That’s where we come in.

When you join the Advisory Board, the first thing we’ll ensure for you is that you have everything you need to roll out your own booked solid business. There will be no blind-spots when it comes to what you need to have in place or do next.

Specifically, using our teaching and resources and live feedback, you’ll have the following areas set in stone:

Your Foundation

Building Trust and Credibility In Your Marketplace

Perfect Pricing and Super Simple Selling

Marketing To Get You Clients

AND most importantly? You will NEVER do this on your own.

The minute you join, you’ll have access to MULTIPLE opportunities each week to talk with Book Yourself Solid expert coaches around the issues that you’re facing. Seriously, you’ll look at the calendar and be spoiled for choice.

Some of our virtual meetings are designed to TEACH you new strategies and practices that will make your life easier and your business more profitable.

Some of our calls are designed to SUPPORT you in the issues that you’re facing in your business, analyzing the opportunities and dissecting the obstacles.

Other calls are designed so that you get very STRATEGIC in the work you’re doing … so that you’re always a week, a month and a quarter ahead of yourself in terms of what comes next.

And some calls are for ACCOUNTABILITY, and co-working, and shooting the breeze, and sharing resources, and lifting you up.

PLUS … all of our calls are FUN and EYE-OPENING and you’ll get a new set of business-besties who truly GET what you’re going through!

So Is It For You?​


We firmly believe that there are some people you’re meant to serve, and others not so much. We apply that same yardstick to our own business of course.

That’s why we need to have a chat before you join to make sure we’re best-suited for you.

(That’s not a sales call disguised as a “chat” … you’ll know everything you need to know about The Advisory Board before we get on the phone. It’s more a “suitability screener.”)

Here are some of the criteria we look for:

You run a service-based business.

We generally don’t work with retail or hospitality businesses (although much of Book Yourself Solid® is applicable to retail businesses). That means you’re in the business of helping your clients solve problems or achieve results through labor or advice, whether tendered in person by you or your staff, or online or in-person through education and consulting services.

Industries like law, real-estate, medical services, creative agencies, consulting, coaching and trades that you perform with your hands are our sweet spot. 

You have had your first 10K month.

Whether it’s dollars, euros or yen, we get our best results with business owners who have something to sell. If you just have an idea for a business right now, we can definitely help, but not in The Advisory Board. We recommend you start with the book, available at your local library and everywhere books are sold.

You’re a big thinker.

You believe in possibility and are prepared to take responsibility for your own outcomes. Big thinking is also LONG-TERM thinking. All businesses have seasons, and although we’ll get you big results fast, we’ll get you permanent results over a longer period of time. Patience and application are two of our keys to success.

You’re an investor.

There is a financial investment to join the Advisory Board, which begins at $1000 per month. If that makes you stressed or uncomfortable or causes unnecessary hardship, then this is probably not the right spot for you. All successful people invest … and there is a correlation between responsibility and reward. If you’re not yet at this level then, again, revert to the book until you are.

That’s not an exhaustive list … but it should give you an idea of whether you’re able to answer “yes” to those four criteria, and let you know whether or not it’s time to chat to us.

Our Goal is to Simplify Your Business and Life.

That means you’ll be abundant, doing the RIGHT amount of work for the RIGHT amount of money … the amount of money that you deserve. You’ll sleep well at night and look forward to the day.

Looking forward to the day is always easiest when you’ve got a family of supporters around you that you can tap into 24/7, wherever you are in the world.

The Advisory Board is headed by Matthew Kimberley and Coach Kym, and reinforced by more than 30 Certified Book Yourself Solid® Professionals.

If you’re on your way to great things, and don’t want to do it alone, then we look forward to hearing from you.

You’ll be met exactly where you are … every member is treated individually and you will progress at their own pace. But with us, your pace will be faster and the journey will be more fun.

The investment in the Advisory Board begins at $1000 per month.

That is for you to have your own team of experts on call every day of the year, plus the education, advice, accountability and resources to speed up your progress to where you deserve to be.

Whether you’ve been in business for a while, or you’re relatively new to entrepreneurship, if you can SEE … and BELIEVE … that a return on investment within a very short time-frame is possible, then we’d love to hear from you.

You’ll get started by scheduling a call with one of us and after we check that you’ll be in the right spot, you’ll immediately:

Apply the Book Yourself Solid Marketing system to your business on a daily basis to attract more of the right clients with less effort. 

Develop systems and procedures for running a growing business.

Produce marketing plans that get clients.

Have more fun and create financial freedom.

Take more time off and enjoy life: the entire point of success 😉

If you are serious about pursuing mastery and booking yourself solid, and you’re ready to focus on the most profitable, revenue-generating actions needed to double your income and triple your free time, The Book Yourself Solid Advisory Board will feel like home.

Take your first steps now. Complete the form below to schedule a call: