Book a Book Yourself Solid® Strategy Session and get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your next steps.

So, you’ve read the book and you’ve decided it’s time to get Booked Solid®.

Smart choice!

Here at Book Yourself Solid® HQ we work day in, day out, with business owners who are ready to get more clients, enjoy more free time and fall in love with the work that they do… 

While we have various paid programs, including our flagship Book Yourself Solid® Advisory Board, which supports business owners and entrepreneurs 24/7, we recognize that many of you will want to speak to somebody first, to make sure that booking yourself solid is something that you feel empowered to do.

That’s where the Book Yourself Solid® Strategy Session comes in.

This coaching session with senior faculty (we don’t employ salespeople here, and you’ll talk to one of our most senior coaches) is broken up into three parts:

Part One: Complete a comprehensive “state of your business” questionnaire.

This will take you about 20-35 minutes. It’s an exercise in guided self-discovery that will be illuminating and interesting. You’ll score your business – whether it’s brand new or generations old – against some of our key benchmarks to give you an immediate idea about where your focus and energy needs to be going forward.

Part Two: 45 minutes consultation

At a time that’s convenient for you, you’ll meet with either Matthew Kimberley – CEO of Book Yourself Solid®, or Coach Kym – President of Book Yourself Solid®, to go over the results of your self-assessment to construct a very clear strategy for your next steps to building the business that you love.

Part Three: Implementation

This is “the work” – you’ll be given a project plan to work through to make sure that you’re doing the important things, quickly, in the right order. Most businesses can be made more profitable with a focus on one to three key areas. You’ll get the what AND the how, along with some suggestions for getting more help if you need it.

Of course, you may choose to get more help from our organization in the future … (that’s the Book Yourself Solid® Sales Cycle at play: prospects make investments that are proportionate to the amount of trust that you have earned!) 

If that’s the case, then we’ll be thrilled to talk to you about the options.

But for the time-being, all you need to do is jump right on board by scheduling a meeting with us at a time that suits you. Your journey to falling madly in love with your business and the money you’re making from it begins now.

No business is built by one person alone. Whatever you are trying to achieve right now has been done very similarly by somebody else in the past.

Schedule your call with us now and get started:


At Book Yourself Solid®, we work round the clock with business owners to help them get more clients, enjoy more free time and build a business they love.

We are a FOR PROFIT organization, and we have a variety of programs that serve our business owner clients in a meaningful and impactful way.

At the end of your strategy session, would you be interested in hearing about our programs for business owners, that require a typical investment of between $5,000 and $50,000 a year?