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How to Get Your Business Booked Solid®

If you’re a small business owner – or a future small business owner...

and you’re keen to get booked solid with ideal clients, even if you HATE marketing and selling, then we’ve got just the thing for you. And it’s FREE.

If you’ve read the book … or haven’t read the book … this introduction to Book Yourself Solid® will either supplement your learning OR give you a completely new take on ethical business-building.)

(And by the way, it’s legitimately free – not “free with conditions” or “you only get half of what you thought you were getting.” There are NO up-sells, cross-sells, or funnels. It’s just a free class. So we figure you’ll learn from it, you’ll become a fan of the brand, and you’ll spread the word.)

PLUS, you’ll get workbooks to complete as you go through the masterclass along with more top-tier resources to help you succeed in business.

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Your Host:

Matthew Kimberley

Chief Executive Officer, Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to implement a Red Velvet Rope Policy

    for your business so that you only work with your ideal clients, and never work with an energy-suck ever again.

  • How to fully understand why and when people will buy what you’re selling.

    How to find your target market and understand their needs, desires and “FEPS” benefits.

  • The essential – and remarkably straightforward – components of a powerful personal brand identity:

    How to do it right and what to avoid at all costs

  • How to talk about what you do

    so that people stop whatever else they’re doing, give you their undivided attention and shower you with referrals and investment.

  • How to build trust and credibility so that your offers are unimpeachable

    and establish yourself as a category authority, even if you’re brand new to your business.

  • How to build out a sales cycle (it’s different to a sales funnel!)

    so that your prospects can make appropriate and timely investments in your services.

  • How to banish dead leads forever

    by implementing a straightforward and easy keep-in-touch system that leaves no prospect behind.

  • How to speed up your sales cycle with brand-building information products

    and how to get them out of the door quickly and easily.

  • How to price your products and services perfectly

    so that you don’t leave money on the table and you get motivated buyers

  • The Super Simple Selling strategy

    that takes you from small-talk to money-talk whenever you choose, without any awkwardness or embarrassment.

  • The networking strategy that takes 15 minutes a day

    and doesn’t require any cocktail parties, schmoozing or endless rounds of phone tag.

  • How to rapidly create strong and lasting relationships

    with influencers, referral partners and key individuals who don’t even know you exist yet.

  • The essential components of a fail-safe, idiot-proof referral system

    that will have hyper-qualified leads knocking on your door and ready to buy.

  • What you need to do to incorporate public speaking as a marketing strategy:

    the mistakes to avoid, the different types of speaking opportunities and how to win them.

  • Creating the perfect content strategy for writing for self-promotion:

    how to avoid writing too much and in the wrong places if you want to win market share.

  • Which digital platforms and social networks you should be using

    for YOUR business (which isn’t the same for everybody) and even if you need to be online at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it’s really free and there’s no catch. Book Yourself Solid® has a reputation going back almost two decades to maintain! We’re not going to sell you anything at all (even though there’s nothing wrong with making sales offers, we just won’t be doing it at this time.)
There are two videos. Each one is two hours long. You can pause them, rewind them and fast-forward them.
You don’t NEED to do anything. But if you want the entire Book Yourself Solid® experience, then yes. Each session is different. The second one builds on the first one.

It’s ideal for service-business owners. If you sell a service, then you will benefit. It doesn’t matter what stage of business you’re at: from beginner to old-hand, you’ll find all of it valuable.

Perhaps you have read the book, or have a copy of the book but haven’t read it yet. Or perhaps you’ve never heard of the book – wherever you are on your Book Yourself Solid® journey, this is for you.

These are pre-recorded videos. Feel free to watch them in your own time.
If you have any trouble registering for the masterclass, or need any more information, just drop an email to and you’ll get a response during business hours.

Get immediate access to the FREE Book Yourself Solid® Masterclass & Resources

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