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Book Yourself Solid Illustrated

By Michael Port

A visual way to easily access the strategies and tactics in Book Yourself Solid

Learning new concepts is easier when you can see the solution. Book Yourself Solid Illustrated, a remarkable, one-of-a-kind work of art, transforms the Book Yourself Solid system into a more compelling and easy-to-consume playbook for any business owner.

Book Yourself Solid - Third Edition

By Michael Port

Translated into 11 languages, and one of the bestselling marketing books in the U.S., Book Yourself Solid is a proven lead generation and small business marketing system.

The third edition includes updated and expanded strategies, techniques, and skills to help you get more clients and increase your take-home profits.

• Build a solid foundation for a stellar public image
• Enhance your reputation for trust and credibility
• Perfect your pitch and pricing to attract higher-caliber clients
• Adopt the six core strategies that will keep you booked solid

Spending just a small amount of time on self-promotion is an investment. You build a reputation that attracts high-quality clients, which boosts your profits, your track record, and your reputation, which in turn attracts even more high-quality clients. Book Yourself Solid shows you how to kick off this cycle of success, and maintain it for the long term.

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