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When I started my career in sales I was just another one of the 35,000 Realtors in the Philadelphia metropolitan market. I was clueless about the importance of developing my own brand identity.

So I listened to what all the real estate “guru’s” told me and spent most of my time memorizing sales scripts, closing techniques, and objection handlers.

I rehearsed, I took action, and I sucked.

My prospects didn’t like being sold to and I didn’t like selling to them. More importantly, I wasn’t even attracting my ideal clients.


francine graglia

But then, finally, all of that became history.

I found the Book Yourself Solid® system.

No more slimy selling, no more battling with difficult prospects, no more pressure.

I found a way to be myself and do more business.

Here’s what I did:


After applying these concepts I went on to sell
ten times more than the average Realtor.

Business and selling became fun, easy, and profitable. It can be for you, too.

As much as I loved selling Real Estate, I decided to start helping others get booked solid.

It turned out that I had a gift for it.

Learn about who I do my best work with and the benefits they receive.

bys-elite-certified-coachTo hone my craft, I spent a year training in the Book Yourself Solid® system, a world-famous sales and marketing system created especially for people who hate marketing and selling.

I have been personally trained by the founder and NY Times Bestselling Author of six books, Michael Port. In fact, I have earned the designation of Elite Book Yourself Solid® Certified Coach, a title held by only a handful of coaches around the world.

What I know can help you.

No sugar coating, no bull.

This proven marketing system, combined with my “tell it like it is” style, will quickly have you making the most of your time, energy, and money.

Learn about who I do my best work with and the benefits they receive.


Michael_Port_Blazer“People say, business is complicated. Not to Francine. People say marketing sucks. Not Francine.”

And you’ll feel the same way once she’s got her little hands on you. Oh, sure, Francine might come in a little package but she packs a big punch.

Her “tell it like it is” style mixed with her grace, humor and compassion makes her the perfect Elite Certified Book Yourself Solid® Coach.

She’ll help you fall in love with marketing and selling and she’ll help you get booked solid. And that’s the point, isn’t it?”

Michael Port
New York Times Bestselling Author of 6 books
Founder, The Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training

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